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3 Questions to Ask Your CCTV Security Camera Installer

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A CCTV security system has become quite a vital necessity for most people today, especially when it comes to improving security. Installing a credible surveillance system requires that you take some few things into consideration. Ordinarily, the first step for you as a user would be to identify what CCTV security system works for you after going through the different features.

After that, it would help if you understood what kind of installation procedure is a perfect fit for your system. To help you with this, here are a few questions you can ask your professional installation technician before setting up your system.

What Is the Type of Hard Drive in Use?

It doesn't matter whether you are using high-end cameras and lenses if your CCTV security system installation is done using a substandard hard drive. Somehow, this will harm the entire security setup.

The greatest risk here would be to lose crucial footage from your security system. It is always a good idea to check with your installer on the type of hard drive the installer will use for your system.

Does the System Come With a Warranty Service?

Most times, CCTV security system providers extend a warranty to their customers for both software and hardware components. It is advisable that you make a point of understanding the warranty coverage guidelines from your provider before making a decision.

The warranty details are quite important, and therefore, you should think about having it kept safe. This is in case you will need to use it at any point in time within your warranty period. You could also opt to hold a discussion with your installer on any other additional support options that may be of benefit to you.

Are There Any Provisions for Weatherproofing?

A good CCTV security system is a valuable investment for any establishment or home setup. Therefore, having your connections well secured from extreme weather conditions is an excellent strategy. Doing this guarantees that your CCTV security system remains reliable in the long run.

Your installer will have a clear outline of the different weatherproofing measures put in place as well as steps to take in case they do not hold. Their experience in this kind of work comes into play in such an instance. If your installer has remarkable expertise in such matters, you have fewer reasons to worry about weatherproofing failures.

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