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Certified Channel Partners: Why You Should Invest in a Card Access Control System in Your Business

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The traditional lock system is becoming outdated due to its limitations and inadequacies. On the other hand, card access control systems are becoming increasingly popular since this type of system offers advanced security features. Here are some of the main reasons why you should have certified channel partners install a card access control system in your business.

It Keeps a Record 

Every access card scanned at the entrance gets recorded in the system. As such, you can track the movement of your employees by checking the system records. This feature is particularly important when you want to monitor the movement of people in a restricted area. Access cards provide you with real-time information about when a room is accessed and who is accessing it. 

It Reduces Liability Associated with Lost Keys

Lost or misplaced keys can expose you to a security risk. That is because anyone who recovers the key can gain access to your business premises without authorization. To mitigate this risk, you will need to replace the locks, which can be quite expensive. 

However, when using the card system, you can activate and deactivate a card with ease. If a card is lost, you can deactivate it to deter an unauthorized person from using it. That means you don't need to incur an additional cost, as would be with the traditional lock system.

It Heightens Security 

The card system offers superior security when compared to the lock system. That's because no one can access your business premises without a card. That way, you reduce the risk of theft and other criminal activities and protect your business assets and employees. 

It Offers Temporary Access

An access control card gives you control over who enters a building and their time on the premises. This feature allows you to grant temporal access to suppliers, clients, and visitors. It is also quite convenient when you have many contract employees in the facility. 

It Reduces Utility Cost 

A card access control system is easy to integrate into your building's security system. Because of that, you can program it to controls the lights, room temperature, and other utilities, allowing you to reduce wastage. Ultimately, you will realize a significant saving on your utility bills.

The security of your business should be a priority. As seen, the card access control system allows you to enjoy superior security compared to traditional locks. Therefore, talk to certified channel partners to help you choose a card access system that suits your security needs, like Gallagher Channel Partners.