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Considerations When Choosing an Appropriate Home Security Camera

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Security cameras can be complicated as they have many features and technical specifications, but they're an important part of home security. Your installer can help you choose the best cameras for your needs. But in the meantime, here are some tips and explanations.

Consider the Area You Want to Capture

The first thing you should consider when installing a security camera is the area you want it to monitor and the distance it should cover. To find this out, you can roughly measure the relevant area on your property.

If you fit a camera in a confined porch at the front door, it may only be required to get images from that compact area. In that case, you don't need a more expensive camera that can see farther, as it's not necessary.

However, you might also plan a security camera installation in the yard to monitor the back fence, and that camera will need to be able to "see" a greater distance to suit your needs.


While different aspects impact the vision that a camera captures, two important factors are its resolution and field of view. A camera with a higher resolution has a greater number of pixels to fill out the details of a picture. If a camera has a low resolution, it has fewer pixels to record, and an image may appear blurry. When it comes to a home security camera, you only need enough pixels to capture the vision you want.

For example, you might want enough pixels and details to capture a face clearly from a front door camera, so the vision can be used as evidence if you have a break-in.

Field of View

The field of view (FOV) is also crucial for the resolution and clarity of images. If a camera has a wide field of view and photographs the width of a yard, then more pixels will be needed to create a detailed picture. However, if the point of view is narrow, fewer pixels are required, as they won't be so spread out.

If you install a security camera with a motorised zoom feature, it can zoom in and out as needed to get a close-up or a broader field of view. This helps to maximise the resolution as the camera can zoom in close on an intruder in the backyard and use all the pixels to get good facial detail of them rather than capturing details of the nearby trees and foliage.

Contact a local company to learn more about security camera installation.