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Benefits of Empowering Managers with Security Camera Access

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Modern surveillance systems are perhaps the most effective security tools for any business, regardless of size. Advanced security cameras allow you to monitor activities in and around your facility at any time and from anywhere. However, advanced security cameras in commercial spaces do not empower staff with video surveillance access. The task is left to security personnel in most organisations. Nonetheless, it should not be the case because there are significant benefits to empowering high-ranking personnel with security footage access.

More Hands on Deck

As security camera capabilities continue to improve, more businesses reduce the number of security guards engaged for after-hours protection. However, doing so and failing to empower high-ranking staff with video surveillance access is counterproductive. The reason is that video surveillance monitoring is limited to a small room with one or two security personnel. Unfortunately, real-time monitoring stops when security personnel leave a monitoring room. Therefore, you can go around the limitation by granting security camera access to top managers in a company. With more team members monitoring video feeds off-site, you do not have to depend on the central monitoring room in your firm. In addition, having more eyes on video feeds enables an organisation to identify security lapses as and when they arise.

Cut Down Inefficiencies

Another benefit of empowering and granting top-line managers access to security cameras is that it significantly reduces operational inefficiencies, particularly with advanced security camera systems. For instance, thermal imaging or infrared security cameras are the preferred option for many companies compared to standard models, thanks to their superior capabilities. However, suppose only one person has the expertise to operate an infrared camera but fails to show up to work. In that case, you must hire more security guards or keep the lights on to avoid missing security footage. Sadly, such inefficiencies add to the cost of doing business and affect the bottom line. Empowering high-ranking team members on operating security cameras eliminates inefficiencies, keeping operational costs low.

Staff Cohesion

Empowering managers through video surveillance access encourages teamwork in enhancing business security. Notably, departmental heads must participate in all security meetings, and their input can help improve safety. For instance, a manager might notice that a colleague does not show their badge during security checks. Since low-ranking security personnel might find it hard to bring up the issue with management, a manager can comfortably point out the problem. However, it cannot happen if top managers have no access to security cameras footage. Overall, security cameras access allows top management to act as a unit in improving security.

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