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How To Choose A CCTV System

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CCTV systems are a suitable way to improve your home security. However, most homeowners do not know what considerations they should make as they choose CCTV cameras for their houses. Below is a comprehensive guide on the various features you should look out for when choosing a CCTV camera.  

Video Quality

Where do you want the camera to monitor? Cameras with a wide range of view (over 180-360 degrees) will help you monitor large rooms. On the other hand, those with a narrow range are ideal when you want to monitor a specific point (such as the gate or doorway). Preferably, choose a device that has excellent video quality. It ensures you have an easy time recognising people captured by the camera. Besides, it will also allow you to identify minor details such as a number plate. 

Modern security cameras come with advanced features such as night vision. Others will have a facial recognition feature. Once you purchase the camera, you open a user account in the company's website and upload pictures of people you would want the camera to identify. You will get an alert once the camera detects people in your database.


Wireless cameras are a favourite among most homeowners since they are easy to install. When buying a wireless camera, check the range of your home Wi-Fi. For instance, you may need to adjust the Wi-Fi's range if you need to install the camera at areas such as the gate that are out of the Wi-Fi's range. As a rule, never connect the cameras to public Wi-Fi.


Do you intend to store the footage taken by the cameras? Some systems come with a micro SD card that stores footage. Check the capacity of the SD card. Cameras with a small storage capacity will only save a few hours of footage. Some CCTV systems offer users cloud storage. Most companies provide free cloud storage. However, you will have to pay a small charge to expand cloud storage.

Power Source

Cameras with built-in batteries can be moved with ease. However, they require regular maintenance since they will not operate with a dead battery. As such, remember to check the battery's life span. Other cameras can be connected to your home's power source. However, they have a backup battery that kicks in once you have a power blackout. 

Modern CCTV cameras have mobile apps that enable you to live-stream the camera's footage. High-tech features such as a microphone allow you to communicate with people inside your house. They also have sensors that will send an alert once they detect an intruder in your home. 

For more information on CCTV systems, reach out to a local security system company.