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Avoid Undue Worry and Minimise Your Response Times to False Emergencies

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Keeping your home and loved ones safe is a responsibility you shouldn't delegate. You are safe when everyone else in your home and your pet is safe. Individuals who understand this install alarm systems in their home in order to boost their security. Alarm systems have evolved today, and this demands you install a system with modern features. But are you aware that you can get false alarms from the alarm system you install? Here are a few causes of false alarms from the alarm system and how to avoid them:

Pet and Human Error

You will get a false alarm if a person or pet unintentionally trips the alarm system. It happens when your visitors, family members or babysitters forget the alarm code. False alarms also occur when pets trigger motion alarms or when children play with or mishandle the access panel. People who forget to turn off their alarm system before opening their own windows or doors also experience false alarms often.

Solution: Train every adult in your home to handle the alarm system. Run some alarm drills to ensure everyone at home can properly operate the system. Let your children know that the alarm panel is only used for emergencies or when necessary. Call in security system experts to install specialised pet sensors that prevent your four-legged friends from triggering alarms when moving about the house. Secure the perimeter of your windows and doors before setting the alarm.

Improper Installation

Improper installation is a major cause of false alarms. Poorly placed sensors and detectors, misaligned detectors and sensors, DIY techniques, and ignoring the manufacturer's instructions are some of the problems that occur when installing alarm systems.

Solution: Always let experts in security systems install the alarm system in your house. Read through the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations and understand them before you operate the system. Avoid placing the motion sensors near air vents and place smoke detectors away from heat sources. Call in an expert to inspect your alarm system often and make any indispensable adjustments.

Improper Maintenance

The alarm system you installed requires regular inspection and maintenance to be efficient and reliable. False alarms are inevitable if the sensors of the alarm system are dirty or if its batteries are old or dead.

Solution: Test the batteries often and replace them based on the indications of the alarm system. Replace the smoke alarm batteries every time you change the alarm batteries if you have integrated smoke alarm into your alarm system. Dust the sensors, cameras and motion detectors regularly. Cover up these components when carrying out dusty projects, such as refinishing floors, among other construction projects.

Now you know that staying safe doesn't start and end with installing an alarm system. You must also know what to do to avoid false alarms when they come. If the false alarms become consistent, call in professionals in alarm systems to minimise them.