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3 Ways CCTV Will Improve Your Waste Disposal Site

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Whether you manage a waste disposal site for your local authority or you have your own private recycling centre, CCTV can make your job immensely easier. Here are 3 ways business security systems will benefit your disposal site.

Reduce Illegal Dumping 

Illegal depositing (or illegal dumping), comes in many forms. If you run a recycling plant, you may find that visitors use it to dispose of non-recyclable waste too. For regular domestic waste facilities, you may find it difficult to stop commercial visitors from entering and depositing large amounts of business refuse. One solution to this is to increase your staff numbers to ensure every visitor is being monitored, but this can be costly and doesn't fit into the budget of most waste sites. A better option is to have CCTV cameras installed on the premises. CCTV cameras are a great deterrent for those looking to deposit the wrong type of waste at your site; the fear of getting caught is enough to stop most people. If someone does deposit waste illegally, you'll have their car on camera so you can identify and ban them at a later date, or inform local law enforcement. To streamline the process further, you can pair your CCTV cameras with a number plate recognition system that automatically notes down licence plates.

Monitor Queues

No one likes to queue. On a busy day at a waste facility, it can take some visitors several hours to get onto the premises due to long queues. This can lead to overcrowding on-site and angry complaints from those who feel they've waited too long. CCTV is a great way to reduce this problem. You can use your cameras to monitor the cars coming in and out of your facility daily, and use the data to inform your visitors of busy times to avoid. You can also go one step further by uploading a live feed of your CCTV to your website. This way, visitors can check queues before they even leave their home so they know what to expect.

Deter Criminal Activity

Over the years, you may have noticed your premises attracting thieves, arsonists, young loiterers, vandals, and more. Just as CCTV is the ideal deterrent for illegal depositors, it can also deter other types of criminals from frequenting your waste management centre. The beauty of CCTV is that it can be monitored round the clock, even if there's no one on site. This is very useful, given that most criminal activity will occur under the cover of nightfall. CCTV eliminates the need for nighttime guards and allows workers to inform the police of current crimes without endangering themselves. CCTV can be paired with a high-quality alarm system, and you can even send a live stream of your cameras to a remote security professional to save money.