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False Alarms: How To Prevent The Trigger

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Investing in security alarms is an effective way of keeping the bad guys out of your home. You can go to the mall, salon, or barber shop without having to worry about the expensive jewelry that is in the house. But sometimes, alarms are not triggered by the bad guys; they are rather triggered by the people or pets that live in your home. The police or your security company can't tell the difference between a false alarm and a real one.

So once it is triggered, they will hurry to your place of residence. This costs them time and money, which you have to pay for depending on the agreement you have with the company. And if the false alarms become a habit, the fines imposed by the security company may end up draining your pockets. So how can you prevent the false alarms?

Invest In A Better Alarm System

Alarm systems such as passive infrared detectors (PRI) are a bit pet-friendly. There are two types of motion sensors you can install in your home: active infrared detectors and passive infrared detectors. Active detectors operate on the principle of movement detection; the detectors emit waves of energy to detect movement.  So even when your dog passes in its line of view, the alarm is bound to go off.

Passive detectors on the other hand look for changes in body movement and heat but they don't emit energy. Using heat technology, passive detectors are made in such a way that they can distinguish between the movement of a person who weighs 200 pounds and a dog that weighs 20 pounds. If you have medium-sized cats and dogs in your home, these detectors are the real deal.

Place The Alarm In A Strategic Position

Place your motion sensor 8 inches high on the wall and away from areas that are easily climbable by pets. Don't place it around items like furniture as pets like cats can easily climb on these items. Also train your pets not to wander around in areas where motion sensors are located. And once you observe that your pet has remembered these locations, reward it for its behavior.

If you find it hard to prevent false alarms, learn how to cancel them. In return, you will save yourself from paying heft fines. Some security companies require you to call them so that they can turn off the alarm. Others, though, may not share the same procedure.  So learn the right procedure from your company and if you are more than one person in the house, ensure that everyone else is aware of the procedure.

If you want more information, contact a commercial security alarm systems company to learn more.