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How to Add Another Layer of Security at Your School

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In today's unpredictable society, security issues must be at the front of everyone's mind and especially those who are responsible for the safety of others. This is particularly important for people who are in charge of access to a school building, as has been emphasised by some very unfortunate events in America recently. If you are a school principal who always wants to be ahead of the game and ensure that you are prepared for anything, what technology can you introduce from a security perspective?

IP Intercoms

The latest trend here involves the use of IP intercom systems that are connected through the cloud and can transmit audio and video signals through any connected computer network. This type of system is in growing use in office complexes and apartment buildings across the country but is perfect for a school environment as well.

The system is connected to a local area network just like any other computer and because it is cloud-based, can be part of a much larger network including other buildings within a campus, or even other facilities across the entire school district.


The IP intercom is always connected to a web-based server that anyone can access if they have a smartphone, tablet or computer that is authorised. Therefore, you will be able to log in to view a secure area from an office which could be quite distant and will be able to gain or refuse access accordingly. You will be able to communicate with the individual in question and ask them to verify their identity by producing their credentials, before taking any further action.

Complete Flexibility

You can even utilise these facilities out of hours or at weekends, if maintenance workers, technicians or janitors need to access a school building on a temporary basis. You won't have to delegate an individual to actually let them in but will be able to do this remotely upon verification.

While the level of gun crime prevalent in the USA has, thankfully, not reached Australian shores, it's very important to be proactive. If anything were to happen and you had this system in place, then you would have the ability to lock down all of the doors in the specific building, or across an entire school district if necessary, with one click of a mouse.

Making the Call

It's worth having a look at the latest technology here and introducing this to your procurement list for the upcoming school term.