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Ways to ensure optimal surveillance coverage at your home or office

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Security cameras are great for safeguarding your home or workplace from intrusion and theft, but it is often a mistake to cover every square centimetre of a property.

To answer why this is the case, we need to make a few assumptions. Firstly, let's assume your home or office has multiple entry points with certain areas that are only accessible via a particular passageway.

How to set up your cameras for your home

For most homes, exterior cameras are more than enough to deter most criminals. By covering the access points such as doors and windows, you can detect intruders before they strike. In a perfect system, there would be no blind spots whatsoever, but this is unrealistic; instead, what you want to do is create a perimeter that cannot be realistically breached without detection.

Many modern security cameras can be tweaked for different situations; for example, some security systems allow you to apply different modes and rules, which can allow you to use your camera as a motion detector when no one is home, but deactivates when trusted people are inside. This helps you avoid false alarms and the needless draining of power from the cameras.

Another particular benefit of modern security cameras is the ability to monitor your home from anywhere in the world, thanks to the power of the Internet. As long as your have a modern security camera that is connected to your home network, you should be able to view your home half a world away.

How to set up your cameras for your office

Like previously mentioned, ensuring you have all of the feasible entrance points guarded is a smart move. Furthermore, if you have valuable items stored in your office such as a safe, it is advisable to train your cameras on these items; this can also apply to safes and valuable items at home (including cars).

Another point that covers both home and office security is the use of countermeasures against tactics thieves might use to breach your perimeter undetected. A shrewd thief might cut the power to your house in order to disable all of the cameras simultaneously; however, if your cameras have a battery backup, they can continue rolling after the mains power has been cut. It is also possible to get cameras that can connect to a 3G- or 4G-enabled device, which means you can still capture footage without power to the house.